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    It’s tough in these days of complex workplace issues and rapid social change to maintain top performance as a professional Human Resource Manager. You need all the expert help you can get. You need Southern New Mexico SHRM (SNMSHRM), an Affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on the local level to give you access to a wealth of programs that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization.

    As a member of SNMSHRM, the local chapter of SHRM, you will be part of the largest professional organization in the world dedicated exclusively to the advancement of Human Resource Management. As a professional yourself, shouldn’t you be a member of the leading professional organization in the field?


    Membership Categories

    Regular Membership: Persons employed with primary responsibilities in the Human Resource Management Profession at all levels, faculty members holding assistant, associate, or full professional rank in Human Resources Administration or any of its specialized phases in an accredited college or university, full time attorneys, or full time consultants who specialize in providing counsel and advice on matters of concern to human resource professionals shall be eligible for regular membership.  All regular members are encouraged to be members of SHRM and  provide their SHRM identification number and expiration date  at application and renewal to the Chapter. Persons outside the preceding categories who have a bona-fide interest in human resources management are eligible for Regular membership as well.  The rights and privileges of regular members include the right to vote and hold an elected office in the Chapter.   

    Student Membership:  Individuals who are members and/or officers of a local affiliated student chapter of SHRM, or individuals who are actively enrolled (minimum of 10 hours) in a human resource program at the college or university level. Student members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter. Student members are eligible for other member benefits, such as access to the membership directory, special prices for events, and receipt of the chapter newsletter as determined by the Board. There will be no annual dues applicable to this class of membership.

    Note: National membership in SHRM is encouraged, but is not required, for joining SNMSHRM. SHRM members do enjoy a reduced rate on SNMSHRM dues. We encourage you to become a member of both.  To join SHRM, you can click on "Become a SHRM member" in the blue box at the top and to the right of this page.


    2017 SNMSHRM Membership Rates:


    $25 - Membership dues only

    $202.50 - This amount includes the following:10 meetings x $20 = $200 + $25 annual fee – discount of 10% = $202.50. (No refunds or substitutions; non-transferable)                                                                                                                                                                         


    $50 - Membership dues only

    $225 - This amount includes the following:  10 meetings x $20 = $200 + $50 annual fee – discount of 10% = $225.00.    (No refunds or substitutions; non-transferable)


    Free – Students  must meet and maintain above criteria.


    How to Join or Renew SNMSHRM Membership

    If you would like to renew your membership or join our chapter, please complete our online application form. Please click here to submit our online application. You can also click on "Become a chapter member" in the blue box at the top and to the right of this page. Complete the online application form and submit it.

    You will receive a confirmation email, and you will then be given information about how to pay and you will have the opportunity to pay via PayPal.  Or see PayPal info at the bottom of this page.


    If you prefer, you may complete your Membership Application using this form.


    Once your membership and payment status have been verified, you will receive an additional email with instructions for how to log into your account.




    Want to Access our SNMSHRM Member Resources?

    You must be a member in good standing to access the portion of our website reserved for our members. These resources include our current Membership Directory.

    Everyone has access to most areas of the website, but to access our Member Resources, you will need to be a member. If you did not complete an online membership application and have not yet received an email telling you how to log in, you need to create an account.

    If you are renewing your membership or becoming a first time member online, you are creating this account! Once your membership status has been verified (payment must be verified), you will receive an email that explains how to login so that you can access those special Member Resources.  These resources are only available to our members.  If you do not need to access those areas, you will not need to login when you go to the website.




    If you would like to pay for your membership using a PayPal account or a credit card, simply choose an item, click on the Add To Cart button and you will be transferred to our PayPal page.  Please note that all costs charged to SNMSHRM for this service have been added to the cost of various items. These fees include a 2.9% fee plus a $0.30 transaction fee.


    SNMSHRM Membership Dues